Make Computer and Network Security a Priority


In a connected world, threats are all around. According to the DTI, 60 per cent of UK companies have suffered a computer security breach, yet fewer than 15 per cent have any formal IT security procedures. The DTI estimates this costs UK companies at least £10billion a year.

Your commercial activities are too precious for security to be left to chance, but even for a large company the cost of providing in-house guardians can be a wasteful drain on resources.

Find a  defence-in-depth solution which you can count on to protect your assets, infrastructure and information – at an affordable price from experts you can trust.

Keep you safe. We’ll make sure you’re protected from viruses, hackers, identity theft and information theft.
Keep you current. You’ll always have the latest software patches and updates installed the moment they are available.
Keep you legal. We ensure your organisation is properly licensed for all software, helping you avoid big fines and damaging publicity.


When your business is at stake, we leave nothing to chance.

You can save time and money by outsourcing your network security, then have the peace of mind of knowing that your network is being monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Rectify and eliminate problems before they have the chance to impact on business-critical operations.
Why is security so critical?

Because broadband is always on, it gives your business greater freedom and flexibility. But it also means your IT system is potentially more vulnerable to unwelcome visitors such as viruses.

You need to defend your organisation against an increasingly-complex barrage of threats. Deploying basic desktop security software is no longer enough: The proliferation of pervasive web-based threats requires more sophisticated defences at every access point.

The security landscape has become more complicated in recent years, making anti-virus protection alone inadequate. A number of important trends threaten business security:

Motive Shifting to Financial Gain
Today, hackers are motivated by making money. The number of profit-motivated threats is rocketing, often engineered by organised crime.

Increasingly Sophisticated and Rapid Attacks
Hackers work at light speed. There used to be a time lag of months between the discovery of vulnerability and the first threat to exploit it, now the lag is measured in weeks, or even days.

Perimeter-Based Defences No Longer Adequate
Threats can penetrate a company at multiple entry points, in particular through portable devices such as laptops and mobile phones. To combat this trend, businesses need a comprehensive multi-layered defence that can intercept threats wherever they enter the corporate network.

Spyware and Spam: Annoying, Expensive and Risky
Spam and spyware have one thing in common: They drain profits. Time spent removing spyware or deleting spam costs companies millions a year in IT support costs and unproductive employee time.
At night and at weekends, your business protects its assets by locking the doors and setting the burglar alarms. But are you failing to lock out the threat from the web – a threat that never sleeps, never takes a day off?